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Lamella is a multilayered handmade unique material. Design include components such a biodegradable laminate, recycled mesh and antibacterial canvas. The interest in textiles research based on ecological ideas has resulted in the creation of experimental fashion designs and accessories. The durable high quality structure is friendly for environment. Abstract patterns exist in various types of textures and colors. The project is creatively unlimited and corresponding with avant-garde designs as well usual products. Multilayered collage concern idea of material that incorporates new technologies.

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The artist got inspiration from a dream: one day she became a fish, swimming in layers of paper-cut ocean with friends. Then she started to make this dream into reality. Starting by drawing hundreds of two-dimensional abstract Chinese paper cut patterns which contain different blessings and sketching out plentiful postures of fishes. Then the artist drew and re-mixed those elements with creative software by expressing them into a three-dimensional, realistic effect just like oil painting rich in lights and shadows. It’s an attempt of crashing eastern art expression with western.

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DiamArt introduces in the market the possibility of using a flexible support for its diamond surface. DiamArt fabric is covered with an expanse of micro-diamonds, with a velvety and shiny effect. With a density of 0.06ct / cm2 of natural micro-diamonds, verified by IGI – Istituto Gemmologico Italiano, DiamArt fabric is a decorative proposal that enhances details and finishes for the world of fashion and design. Customizable in shape and color, it can be applied to furnishing elements, accessories, footwear and clothing.

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The Tenderness of Wool

This work ruled out felting, commonly used in wool manufacturing processes of everyday goods, and focus on the intertwining properties of plain wool while employing various sewing techniques. Her experiments gave birth to thin and translucent wool-based material with distinct thread pattern, giving the impression of being both robust and ethereal. She plans to continue her investigation into the methods of expressing the delicacy and fineness of the natural aspect of wild wool and explore the ways the beauty of nature can be interwoven into everyday life.

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Fun Bamboos

The signature ornament was inspired by amazing festive mosaic lamps are the hallmark of the oriental bazaars and part of the eastern culture. The designer offers own interpretation of Arabic colorful patterns. The bright ornament was designed for fashion apparel, bags, and accessories and can be applied to different textile bases. The pattern is included in the branded collection ”Lovely Lines" by Anni Teriani.

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Materializing the Digital

These designs explore how movement can be embodied in our urban garments through the use of programmable materials in response to the digital era. The aim is to analyze the relation between body and movement, through the connection with materials, and their adaptation and reaction to this. Materialization means to assume material form: the emphasis is on reality and perception. To materialize the movement is a path which has not only a conceptual and social goal, but also a functional one. The inspiration came doing a motion capture of our bodies in different sport activities.

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