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Effect Of Paradox

The Effect Of Paradox gives energy to all fashion products that this pattern is applied, and also gives sophisticated feeling. The glittering shape of plankton on the sea was expressed like blue flowers blooming. It is a project that expresses the beauty of nature that designer have seen in repetitive daily lives and can breathe light and hope into everyone who suffers from the hardships of the world.

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New York

Unisex scarves with unique digitally-printed contemporary patterns produced using a bespoke software programme called MovISee that uses body movement to reconstruct digital data such as photos and reveal organic details not possible solely by computer programming. The software enables the designer to create asymmetrical and non-repeat patterns, resulting in multifaceted and playful scarves that can be worn in different ways according to ones mood or occasion, and are unlike any other products in the textiles or fashion accessories market.

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DefeXtiles is a rapid and low-cost technique to produce realistic high-fidelity textiles on 3D printers. The work demonstrates that under-extrusion defects can be finely controlled to quickly print thin flexible textiles into complex 3D shapes. This approach enables a myriad of applications including printing full sized garments, deformable tangible interfaces, and ultra-tough shuttlecocks.

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This fabric is made from rubber rings by a special weaving technique suitable for annular materials. It can weave rubber rings together to be a reticular fabric and convert them into wearable designs but not cause any damage to the annular structure that all the materials inside the fabric are intact and can be reused. In addition, It does not require professional skill and special tools that even laymen without any weaving experience can easily use this craft. Everyone can knit his own clothes easily by this way.

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Dongfangfu pillow aims to provide comfortable sleep through quality fabric and filling materials. It features three distinct heights in three different sections based on the ergonomic design, so that the pillow can support the head and neck whether people sleep on the front, side or back. Both the material and the shape design reflect the designer's meticulous care for the sleeper. With durable materials, the down pillow offers support and alignment year after year.

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Reinterpreting the fragrance industry, Pallavi Padukone uses textiles as aromatherapy to condense time and distance and create an immersive experience to reconnect with nature, nostalgia, her home, and identity. Reminiscent uses natural ways to integrate and infuse scents into textiles through perfumed pockets and embroidery and embellishment using scent coated cotton yarn and organza silk. At a time when wearing masks is the new normal, her textiles pay tribute to the sensorial experience of smell and its effect on mental and physical wellness.

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