Learning Hackathon 2 by Uxhack

Learning Hackathons (lh) For Ux Designers, Product Managers or Anyone Who Want to Improve Real World Online Productswe Believe That The Best Way to Learn Is Through Application of Thought to Real-world Problems. Learning Hackathons (lh) Will Give You The

Learning hackathons (lh) for ux designers, product managers or anyone who want to improve real world online productsWe believe that the best way to learn is through application of thought to real-world problems. learning hackathons (lh) will give you <Cropped>

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Mipan-Grill Pan Cooking Surface by Michael O'donnell

Michael O'donnell Illustrates The Mipan Grill Pan Cooking Surface

Michael O'Donnell, the creative mind behind the award winning design Grill Pan Cooking Surface by Michael O'Donnell says, The MiPan is designed to absorb the fat and liquid by-products of the cooking process and hold them within a cavity pr <Cropped>

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Ring:wilot by Nima Bavardi and Sareh Heidari

Nima Bavardi and Sareh Heidari Shares The Wilot Ring

Nima Bavardi and Sareh Heidari, the architect of the highlighted design Award Winning Wilot Ring explains, Wilot ring is inspired by Lotus flower that symbolize purity. It creates a curios perception by the fluid form. The ring is available in both g <Cropped>

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Album Art by Chris Slabber

Chris Slabber Portrays The Haezer-Gold Plated Frequencies Album Art

Chris Slabber, the author of the highlighted design Album Art by Chris Slabber points out, Haezer is known for his solid bass sound, epic breaks with well polished effects. Its the sort of sound that comes off as just straight forward dance music, bu <Cropped>

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Jewelry by Ilan Garibi

Ilan Garibi Demonstrates The Rounded Cubes Jewelry

Ilan Garibi, the designer of the highlighted work Jewelry by Ilan Garibi spells out, The Rounded Cubes pendant is part of a collection that presents the transformation of origami (paper folding) to origane (metal folding) and origi (wood folding). Al <Cropped>

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Anaptár 2019 London by Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz

Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz Reveals The Anaptár 2019 London Lunar Calendar

Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz, the project leader of the highlighted project Lunar Calendar by Anna Farkas and Miklós Batisz points out, This Anaptár calendar, visualising the data of the Sun and the Moon in a novel fashion, offers far more inform <Cropped>

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Bathroom Fittings by Designer Fabrizio Batoni

Designer Fabrizio Batoni Spotlights The Pop by Rubinetterie Zazzeri Spa Bathroom Fittings

Designer Fabrizio Batoni , the lead designer of the displayed project Bathroom fittings by Designer Fabrizio Batoni explicates, POP is “sensitive design” – sensitive to consumption and the environment. It has special features that permit consi <Cropped>

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Furnitures of a Concrete City

“furnitures of a Concrete City” : City Furnitures That Look Like Home Furnishings. These Designs Were Created With a Sole Reason: to Carry The Homefeeling to The Cityscape, to Remind Us That a City, Bringing Together People and Communities, Is a Big

The Concrete Family consists of Concrete Bir, Iki and Uc and also the Tash and the City Lamp. It was designed to create a home feeling in the city-scape, to carry the interior to exterior to have a different kind of feeling when you are seated in par <Cropped>

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Eco Park Contest

New Concept For a Green Recreational Areanew Contest On Desall.com: Metafin and Desall Invite You to Propose a New Concept For a Green Recreational Area That Is Due to Be Built in The Near Future in The Whereabouts of Venice (italy), Conceived as An Aggre

New concept for a green recreational areaNew contest on desall.com: metafin and desall invite you to propose a new concept for a green recreational area that is due to be built in the near future in the whereabouts of venice (italy), conceived as an <Cropped>

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Stacking Blocks by Moek Mo and Tse-Ming Chen

Moek Mo and Tse-Ming Chen Presents The Stacking Blocks Residence

Moek Mo and Tse-Ming Chen, the maker of the highlighted project Residence by Moek Mo and Tse-Ming Chen explicates, Different from the general modular-design residences, the house required less construction and no regular floors advocates the design i <Cropped>

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