Command Center by Daria Lupu & Anna Akshevskaia-Da Design

Daria Lupu & Anna Akshevskaia-Da Design Designs The Space Dreams Command Center

Daria Lupu & Anna Akshevskaia-Da Design, the architect of the highlighted project Award Winning Space Dreams Command center points out, Interior design project of the Command center and support facilities in Jakarta, Indonesia. It looks like an <Cropped>

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Fjord-Multifunctional Carafe by Siddhant Agarwal

Siddhant Agarwal Illustrates The Fjord Multifunctional Carafe

Siddhant Agarwal, the creator of the award winning work Award Winning Fjord Multifunctional Carafe illustrates, Siddhant has built a water carafe, Fjord, to be used by contemporary bars and restaurants. Fjord has an integrated icebox that removes the <Cropped>

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Room Management Solution by Laura Lindstrom

Laura Lindstrom Reveals The Evoko Liso Room Management Solution

Laura Lindstrom, the thinktank behind the award winning work Evoko Liso by Laura Lindstrom illustrates, Evoko Liso is a next generation meeting room management solution, enabling users to book and manage all meeting rooms in one simple unified system <Cropped>

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Lab.15 Art Contest

A Great Opportunity For The Artists, Which Can Win a Cash Prize, Have The Chance to Exhibit Their Artworks in a Gallery in Milan (italy) and Much More

A great opportunity for the artists, which can win a cash prize, have the chance to exhibit their artworks in a gallery in milan (italy) and much more. .

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Book Design by Jiayi Lu

Jiayi Lu Spotlights The Tasting Through 24 Book Design

JIAYI LU, the maker of the displayed project Book Design by JIAYI LU points out, This is a book of Chinese traditional foods, selected some stories by personal experiences about food and life. By using photos, contest and graphics, to show what I <Cropped>

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Award Winning Horizon 2 27 Table Pc

Lenovo Portrays The Horizon 2 27 Table Pc

Lenovo, the architect of the highlighted design Table PC:Horizon 2 27 by Lenovo illustrates, In the modern home personal computers are no longer a personal productive tool for working, it is now a multi-scenario computer for the family. Horizon 2 is <Cropped>

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Memorial by Ilir Blakçori

Ilir Blakçori Discloses The Heroinat Memorial

Ilir Blakçori, the lead designer of the awarded design Award Winning Heroinat Memorial explicates, The contribution and pain of Kosovo women during the war has, for the most part, remained anonymous and unacknowledged. As such, this design has the p <Cropped>

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Interior Design by Shao-Kuo Wu

Shao-Kuo Wu Designs The House of Dream Interior Design

Shao-Kuo Wu, the creator of the displayed project Interior Design by Shao-Kuo Wu demonstrates, For the distinct space characteristics, the office is full of amiability and charms. The space outside the front door, decorated with plant walls on each s <Cropped>

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Pour Over Coffee Brewer by Gokhan Ildiri

Gokhan Ildiri Exhibits The Brewo Pour Over Coffee Brewer

GOKHAN ILDIRI, the author of the highlighted design Pour Over Coffee Brewer by GOKHAN ILDIRI explicates, Boil. Brew. Drip. Then, drip again. Inspired by a water droplet, Brewo brings a new perspective to the timeless classical Pour Over Coffee Brew <Cropped>

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Chanwanich Company Limited's Cvision Mbas 1 Automated Immigration Terminal

Chanwanich Company Limited Designs The Cvision Mbas 1 Automated Immigration Terminal

Chanwanich Company Limited, the creator of the awarded work CVision MBAS 1 - Automated Immigration Terminal by Chanwanich Company Limited illustrates, MBAS 1 was designed to defy the nature of security products and minimize intimidation and fear for <Cropped>

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