Mihye Je and Eunkyul Lee's Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop

Mihye Je and Eunkyul Lee Spotlights The Hello Mobile Direct Online Shop

Mihye Je and Eunkyul Lee, the creator of the highlighted design Hello Mobile Direct by Mihye Je and Eunkyul Lee explains, This design has a sophisticated look attained through detailed research in trends and user. From this, it is reviewed to provide <Cropped>

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Storytelling by Dongping Zheng

Dongping Zheng Shows The Beva Baby Storytelling

Dongping Zheng, the maker of the award winning work Beva Baby by Dongping Zheng points out, BEVA Baby is designed to be a companion for kids. It can sing songs & tell stories, and give hugs to kids. The buttons are distributed to different area b <Cropped>

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Stool:bonding by Loukas Chondros

Loukas Chondros Illustrates The Bonding Stool

Loukas Chondros, the designer of the awarded design Stool by Loukas Chondros spells out, Bonding is a two-person seat that is conditionally functional. It finds balance when two people use it simultaneously. Otherwise, in a more selfish behavior, it <Cropped>

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Cuff Bracelet by Laleh Safarzadeh

Laleh Safarzadeh Reveals The Interlace Pattern Cuff Bracelet

Laleh Safarzadeh, the project leader of the highlighted work Award Winning Interlace Pattern Cuff Bracelet points out, This elegant cuff bracelet is an artistic presentation, inspired by the Islamic interlace pattern. The Islamic interlace patterns a <Cropped>

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Food Service Design

Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to Design a New Functional Furnishing System For The Food Service, Dedicated to The Display and Distribution of Food Products For The Horeca Sectornew Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Enofrigo and Desall Invite You to D

Enofrigo and desall invite you to design a new functional furnishing system for the food service, dedicated to the display and distribution of food products for the horeca sectorNew product design contest on desall.com: enofrigo and desall invite you <Cropped>

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Shoulder Umbrella-Hand-Free Umbrella by Guorong Luo

Guorong Luo Reveals The Shoulder Umbrella Hand-Free Umbrella

Guorong Luo, the project leader of the awarded work Shoulder Umbrella by Guorong Luo says, This is an innovative and safe umbrella that adapts to the modern lifestyle, liberating users’ hands and improving the usage efficiency. Its shoulder support <Cropped>

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Wearable-Technology For Pets:motorola Scout 5000 by Hung Pong & Valentino Chow

Hung Pong & Valentino Chow Shares The Motorola Scout 5000 Wearable-Technology For Pets

Hung Pong & Valentino Chow, the maker of the award winning project Wearable - Technology for pets:Motorola Scout 5000 by Hung Pong & Valentino Chow spells out, The Motorola Scout 5000 is a stylish Wearable camera with tracking & activity <Cropped>

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Apparels:the Transparent City by Seo Ah Lee

Seo Ah Lee Designs The The Transparent City Apparels

Seo Ah Lee, the creative mind behind the awarded design Apparels:The Transparent City by Seo Ah Lee points out, The collection was inspired by geometric structures of building forest in the city featuring with concrete walls and window frame's c <Cropped>

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Battery:erook Compact by Javier Zorrilla Diaz

Javier Zorrilla Diaz Creates The Erook Compact Battery

JAVIER ZORRILLA DIAZ, the author of the award winning work eRook Compact - Battery by JAVIER ZORRILLA DIAZ explains, - Erook compact is a flexible, scalable and secure energy storage solution for self-consumption, with Ion-Lithium LFP technology. Its <Cropped>

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Award Winning Museum Salon Hair Salon

Chan Sau Cheuk Shares The Museum Salon Hair Salon

Chan Sau Cheuk, the project leader of the displayed project Museum Salon by Chan Sau Cheuk says, This salon is located in art hub, when refined leisure with core concept of art and community in Zhujiang New Town in Guangzhou. It offers up-market hair <Cropped>

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