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Bio Melanin

The practice-led research and design investigated the use of soil to create a substitute textile material in Thailand. It aims to maximize the value of natural resources in response to climate change, based on the concept of living in harmony with nature. A bio-fibre was synthesized from soil bacteria through a process that holistically considered the full production cycle, ensuring that it generated no waste. The final material contained melanin pigments similar to human skin tones, with hues comparable to those of people from Thailand.

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OmniFiber is a soft robotic fiber technology for autonomous textiles and garments. A novel microfluidic fiber actuator is engineered with gesture programmability, that can sense its own physical deformation and mechanically respond to it. OmniFiber has versatile morphing behavior, multimodal haptic feedback, high frequency response, high strain and force output which allow designers to flexibly weave them into everyday interactions such as kinesthetic wearables for skill learning and transfer, dynamic fitting garments, and textile-based haptic devices for telepresence applications.

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Jing Series

Mendale's First Cicada Wing Patented Super Soft Fabric. After thousands of material ratios, the fabrics are extremely soft and skin-friendly. At the same time, adopted imported Italian blended fabric, the exquisite texture and the bright color bring a sense of hierarchy, which is high-quality raw materials, delicate and soft. Besides, it is made into a removable cover at the head of the quilt. Filed with imported Polish white goose down, its authoritative pure breed can be traced, fluffy and warm.

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Polish White Goose Down Series

Imported high-quality Polish white goose down whose authoritative pure breed can be traced, fluffy and warm. The patented Warmsoft air flapping process increases the softness by 30%, making it warm and heat-storing. With 59° staggered structure, the temperature locking effect is increased by 15%. The micro-angle "wind lock" is suitable for human body, so that there is no wind when sleeping.

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Hodo Zero Gravity

This is an unparalleled zero gravity comfort-tech shirt in the industry: 0 sense, which means 0 pressure, 0 wrinkle, 0 restraint, and is also the design inspiration, representing the designer's pursuit for ultimate comfort and high quality. It's the first to combine microfiber + modal natural fiber + spandex elastic fiber with Swiss HeiQ intelligent temperature control black technology in an all-round way, and with the sophisticated and exquisite workmanship, making it is suitable for multi-scene wearing needs, soft, skin-friendly and elastic, and does not produce sense of restraint.

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Bio-inspired fabric

Uniqueness :The textile can coil and uncoil upon human touch, can absorb carbon form from atmosphere based on the features of leaves and artificial photosynthesis and chances of providing water at locations where oxygen is less but exposure to sunlight is possible. Inspiration: memosa-pudica plant (bio-inspiration). Challenge: To deduce features of memosa pudica, artificial photosynthesis and incorporate into textile fabrication. Production : Two methods; First by compression rolling and second by edgebinding. Team Members: Pradeep Yammiyavar & Rajatesh Nath Barbhuiya.

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